The mind is the conscious THINKING part of the body, whereas the body is the subconscious DOING part of the brain. The habit building mechanism has to deal with the DOING part, the body part, the subconscious part. So we have to move the body to do something which the conscious brain tells us to do.

Which do you think is more dominant, the THINKING/conscious or the DOING/subconscious part?

It’s definitely the DOING/subconscious part. The subconscious part has a dominant role as it is acquired at birth. In contrast, the thinking part is recently acquired through our daily experiences.

Here, habit-building needs more repetitions by the body so that the thinking intention gets stored as BODY MEMORY. This body memory becomes a part of your subconscious & becomes a routine. Once we implant any nature to our subconscious body part, then it becomes automatic. But for that, we need repeated and consistent neural firing so that the mental patterns gets recorded as BODY MEMORY.

Thus the more gradual and consistent we are, the longer duration we can repeat the process. These repeated processes are gradually developed into HABITS.

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