What is The Habit Centre & What exactly do we do?

After prolonged contemplation on holistic health, I came across this idea of being healthy is a multidimensional approach with the main components like Physical, Mental, Emotional & Financial health. They are all related to each other & keep feeding on one other. So unless we know where exactly the problem is coming from we cannot work on them. Finally, I felt habits are the roots cause for our progress or regress, whether Physically, Mentally or Emotionally.

Thus I started working from the past few years on Effective Habit building for a sustainable & long term health results. After 2 years of working on myself & others, I came across a simple way where I can guide you for an overall improvement of your lifestyle by inculcating some habits.

Here at THE HABIT CENTRE, we help you work on the process of habit building, so you reach your goals with ease. Our goal is to keep theory & practice hand in hand.

It is a process where you are going to put all the efforts & I can only correct the tiny corrections based on my experience with myself & with others.

NOTE: Please consider to work only if you are patient & sincere as it takes at least a month to experience the change.

How do we work ?

At The Habit Centre we help you to build around 8 habits, which will focus working on Weightloss, Sleeping problems, Stress management, Anxiety management, Anger management etc.

At THE HABIT CENTRE, we help you build better habits using HABIT TOOLS & TRACKING your habits on regular basis.

It takes less than a minute every week & less than 10 minutes every month to follow the process. We have designed an organised system, where it is convenient & time-efficient, so anyone, especially the working employees in cities, can also make the changes.

We work along with you to build day to day habits for holistic health, relationships and financial management in a sustainable way using habit tracker, Pomodoro timer, weekly reviews & monthly feedback.

Based on our observation after working with 100+ participants for around 2 years, children to the old age, including male & female, we found a pattern.

The habit fluctuates in the 1st month,

It gets stabilised in 2nd month,

It establishes in 3rd month & then you start experiencing change.

It varies from person to person based on their habit & also their motivation level.

We educate, experiment & learn together.

We try to connect you to the experts in the particular field through the posts, so you do not get lost in the tsunami of information.

We will try to keep the content as simple as possible.

We use the TIME TESTED scientific principles from the past few decades from the PARETO’S PRINCIPLES, POMEDORO’S TECHNIQUE to the latest HABIT LOOP [ATOMIC HABITS]. We use principles from Evolutionary & Behavioural Psychology to build effective habits.

We can guide you for:

1.Weight loss

2.Anxiety management

3.Anger management

4.Sleep problems.

5.Mood swings, Low mood among teenagers.

6.Fear management

7.Effective study habits for the exam preparation

8.Deaddiction – Smoking & alcohol.

All by building some specific habits, without any medication.

Incase you need we will start with basic medication

This is based on the ‘ 4 WHEEL MODEL ‘ for health. Please go through the post before going further. It can be found in the search bar.

Minimum commitment – 1 month

Everything is a HABIT and life gets EASIER with right habits.

I can assist you & guarantee you that you can feel progress towards your goal in a month.

About Author :

I am Dr Amar Meda. Though I am a qualified medical doctor with a degree in western medicine, I felt Western Medicine is more about the DISEASE rather than the HEALTH.

So for every 1 patient, a doctor treats 5 patients are waiting outside & some more going to get sick. So we thought we could give the right information to the people waiting outside, so the doctor can give some quality time.

It’s just by changing some HABITS we can deal with OBESITY, DIABETES and HYPERTENSION, which are LIFESTYLE DISORDERS. I have read, experimented & found out the importance of TIME TESTED PRINCIPLES after working on myself from the past decade & on 20 individuals from past 1 year.

So disease is a HABIT & health is also a HABIT.

This blog is an outcome of my self experimentations since the past decade. In particular, from the past 3 years, I have been digging deep into HABIT BUILDING & also into AYURVEDA, EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY, YOGA, HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY, AGE-OLD INDIAN TRADITIONS. This blog is the outcome of all the PRACTICAL, SIMPLIFIED lessons learned along the journey.

All you need is just drop me a message.

I look forward to hear from you.