At The Habit Centre we design programs for the holistic lifestyle improvement in a structured manner :

What are we specialised in ?
We can guide you for :
2.Stress management
3.Prediabetes, Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid & other lifestyle disorders
4.Sleep problems
5.Anxiety & Restlessness
6.Mood swings
7.Effective study habits
8.Deaddiction – Gadgets/ Alcohol / Smoking

What principles do we apply ?
We apply principles from Behavioural Psychology, Human physiology, Western medicine, Ayurveda & Evolutionary biology in holistic way to work on the root of your problems & suggest a practical workable personalised solutions.

What are major areas where we work on ?
We work on these following areas to handle your problem :
1. Diet management
2. Stress management
3. Sleep improvisation
4. Physical Exercise
5. Basic medication (Based on the need)

You will be given all the above guidelines based on your progress.

What programs do we we offer at The Habit Centre ?
We have the following programs
– 1 Month ( Minimum )
– 3 Month
– 6 Month
– 12 Month

Who can join these programs ?
Anyone between 8 years till 80 years can join these programs

Are these programs online or offline ?
We offer both based on your requirement. The offline participants can visit at The Habit Centre in Hyderabad.
The online participants can drop us a mail or text us on our Whatsapp number.

What we do at The Habit Centre?
We work on taking you through a step-by-step process to build habits effectively so that you can
not only reach your goals but also sustain it. Most of the time people achieve goals but struggle
to maintain it.We look at working on the root cause of a problem rather than tackling it only at the surface
First we understand your daily routine, which helps us analyse the depth of the problem.
We do this with what we call the ‘Four Wheel Model’. Then we help educate you on the problem
and provide long-term sustainable solutions through building habits.
We make sure the THEORY & PRACTICE go hand in hand.
Please contact us for further details.

About Author:

I am Dr Amar Meda. Though I am a qualified medical doctor with a degree in western medicine, I felt Western Medicine is more about the DISEASE rather than the HEALTH. So I started designing health program based on the need which will be personalised & which can give make you

All the guidelines that will be given to you are made after working with 250 + individuals from past 2 years & with more than 5000 + hours of research & thorough analysis of the peer reviewed content.

It’s just by changing some HABITS we can deal with OBESITY, DIABETES and HYPERTENSION, which are LIFESTYLE DISORDERS. We apply TIME TESTED PRINCIPLES in a structured way.

From the past 3 years, I have been digging deep into HABIT BUILDING & also into BEHAVIOURAL PSYCHOLOGY, EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY, YOGA, HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY, AYURVEDA & AGE-OLD INDIAN TRADITIONS. This blog is the outcome of all the PRACTICAL, SIMPLIFIED lessons learned along the journey.

Thank you for your patience.