As we have discussed, nothing comes from free—even knowledge. So if we get it for free, please be cautious.

What do you think is the most important aspect of being healthy? (Please mention in the comments.)

Based on our past few research of food eating habits from Psychology, Ayurveda, Western Medicine & Yoga, especially wisdom from our Grandparents. We have found one thing. “Common sense is not common practice.”

Here are 6 most important things to stay healthy

1. How long we eat our food?
2. How do we sit while we eat our food?
3. Physical activity.
4. Sunlight exposure.
5. Quality of our sleep.
6. How do we breathe? (Rapid & Shallow or Slow & Deep)

This all the ‘WHAT?’ part. Here, we will be discussing more on ‘HOW?’ for each topic in separate posts.

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