Why are habits important ?

Do you know what is common about  Michael Phelps, Eluid Kipchoge, Apple company, Tesla Motors, Okinawa island? They are the best in their own field, whether in swimming, long-distance running, gadgets, cars or health. How did they reach there?

They just have a bunch of efficient habits in their own field, whether it comes to disciplined training, business skills, efficient people management, daily dietary practices, stronger family relations etc…

These habits may be to a person, organization, community or even a country. The results are the same.

As per research, 60 – 70 % of our daily life just keeps repeating because of our habits.

We are just a bunch of our habits. Isn’t it?

Do you think habits are really important?

Yes, indeed. Why do you think are they important?

1. Habits does not need any motivation.
2. Habits are automatic.
3. Habits are compounded over time.
4. Once formed, they are difficult to change either productive or destructive habits.
5. Habits form our Identity.
6. Habits are the processes where we are changing our mental memory into body memory through repetition.

Being healthy is a habit,
Being rich is a habit,
Being poor is a habit,
Being happy is also a habit.

What do you say?

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