What is the important thing we can learn and teach our kids?

I was meeting a lot of youngsters during the past year. I met this girl Ankita, who is an architect from Bhopal. She asked me a doubt. Why am I not able to keep in touch with my friends, thus inevitably losing them? Whereas everyone is happy with their friends except me. I didn’t pay enough attention to her at that time.

Do you know what her challenge was?

Does it seem like a problem that everyone faces when they keep growing? As kids, then in college, we had plenty of time. So we never had the issue of keeping in touch with our friends. When we are turning into adults, then we start getting caught with this thing called CAREER, HEALTH ISSUES & FAMILY. Maybe then the TIME CRUNCH starts happening. Do you know Why?

This is what Ankita has been facing, TIME CRUNCH, so she is in the phase of transition.

Our parents took all these decisions till now, but now it’s our turn.

While learning something, we make some mistakes. But are we actually aware that we are in the process of learning something?

What actually are we learning?

We are learning DECISION MAKING.

Is DECISION MAKING really important?

If yes, Why is it so important?

Every act in our life is a decision, and every decision is taxing on our brain, whether small or big. When it comes to daily life, buying a house, selecting a school for children, choosing a life partner and even having the right friends around is also because of our conscious decision making.

But the beauty with this process of decision making is that it just has only 2 options, yet we endlessly get confused around these options. Don’t you think it’s really important to take a right, timely decisions?

How to learn it?

Who is going to teach us?

Let’s learn about this in our upcoming posts.

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