Why is it taxing to have deep relationships?

What is the purpose of education that is being taught in colleges & schools?

Is it to have financial stability?
Is it to have good health?
Is it to have deep relationships?
Is it a balance of all these?

After all, we learn in college to live in the outside world with what we learn there. Isn’t it? Do colleges and schools teach the present generation kids about relationships? Do they teach about financial management?

I don’t think so. What do you say? Which one do you think is important among these?

Very rarely some business schools teach about financial management through MBA  & other programs.

Being a doctor, I haven’t come across any school or college curriculum promoting physical & mental health. Did you find one?

I also wonder,  Why the most important out of these “How to have deep relationships?” is left out altogether.

If schools & colleges are not doing them, then who else is responsible for teaching them? Is it parents?  Grandparents? Relatives? Friends? Do they have enough time to spend with family other than during the lockdown time?

How did our parents handle the relationships with ease, and how are they doing it even now? Maybe they had enough time to spend with themselves and with their family.

I always wondered, despite having adequate resources like education, access to modern technology, good health & finances, why are we facing these relationship issues with our parents, friends, inlaws and partner?

How did our parents & grandparents manage with very minimal resources like money, exposure?

 So what is that they have and we don’t? Is it Time? Did they have good mentors who had enough time for them and also for people around? Maybe they know the value of people and time, which we don’t appreciate.

Let’s listen to it from experts who have dealt with thousands of couples for few decades and introspect our journey using their wisdom.

What do you say?

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