Why are habits important?

I always thought there are some great things to do, which make us successful, healthy & wealthy. What do you say? Can you name any such great things which make us great? Please take some time.

Let us start with few like writing a journal, eating on time, reading books, travelling. Don’t you think these are routine & normal things which every school kid does? True, there are no such great things which make us great. These are only simple things which add one upon others, and slowly they keep adding to make a person great. It is the consistency with which you do daily small things & your ability to do them together as batches make one successful, healthy & wealthy.

Now Why did we mention those above? When we keep doing in such a fashion then they become habits. Our habits are more than our BMW or our house. Why?

1.Habits form our identity, they form 60 – 70 % of our daily routine.

2.Habits are like the anchors for life. They help us to come out of the storms of life & help us to be stable.

3.Habits does not need motivation & they become repetitive. They are a little difficult to initiate, but easy to maintain.

4.When properly crafted, habits stay with us for life. You might have observed your grandparents waking up before sunrise & they keep doing it. (Its common in India, where our grandparents & even parents wake up very early at around 4.30 AM)

5.Habits are synergistic effect & they amplify other habits on other aspects of life. They are called KEYSTONE HABITS.

E.g. When we sleep early, we relax, also tend to lose weight. It helps to wake up early, Plan day better. These habits work together.

6.Habits compound with time & produce huge results.

7.Habits help us to transfer mental memory to muscle memory, so we do not think to do. So when the right habits are built, they save a lot of time, bringing clarity to life.

8.Habits are seeds for future self. They are very powerful, and in fact, habits make one powerful, healthy, wealthy & happy.

So habits are our lifestyle.

Come lets build some habits…

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