Whats the one secret to be healthy ?

Did you ever think whats the secret ingredient to be healthy ? Of course you must have thought, it is to eat healthy food , eating on time , getting enough physical activity etc . Did you? I guess you know Po. Lets listen what Po’s dad tells him.

Did you get the secret ? After experimenting with myself and quite a number of people I felt being healthy is so simple that we miss its simplicity, making it a complex game. There is no such secret , it is just an accumulation of our daily tiny habits over a period of months & years that decide our health.

Lets see a case . As per my observation most of 45 yrs + adults in India are not able to sit on the floor. Why do you think so ? Its not because of knee pains. It is because of their lifestyle. Do you agree ?

Its natural to gain around 0.5 – 1.0 Kg per year when we are not conscious of our weight.This comes to around a minimum of 10 – 12 kg in 20 years. During this time if we are not using our front & back of thigh muscles which help us to sit & get up from the floor , they tend to loose their strength & at the same time we gain around 10 -15 kg weight during this time. This puts huge load on our Hamstring & Quadriceps , the back and the front of the thigh muscles. As this process takes atleast 10 – 15 years to manifest ,its gradual process, so we are not conscious of it. Thus there is no quick fix solution for this problem. It is so subtle & gradual that we tend to miss it. The only solution to this weight gain to be conscious & build some habits to tackle it.

The same can be applied to Diabetes , Hypertension , Relationships & even the finincial management. These tiny daily habits compound & create a huge impact with time either in a positive way or the other way .Our brains are designed to look things in short term, unless we learn things experiencially , so we tend to easily miss these longterm outcomes.

In the same way being healthy is just a mix of small & daily routines like :

1.How long you eat your meal ?

2.When do you eat your meal ?

3.How do you sit when you eat your meal ?

4.What is the quality of your sleep ?

5.Do you get enough sunlight on daily basis ?

6.Do you get minimum physical activity on daily basis ?

7.Do you give enough quality time to your family & friends on daily basis ?

8.How you breathe ?

and so on…

The secret is how we do these small things on daily basis till they become our habit.There might be around 80 -100 such tiny things which keep accumulating on daily , weekly & monthly basis making or breaking our health .So there is no one top secret. Its just doing these small things like our grandparents did , which can make us healthy. In telugu land we have a saying ‘ Health is wealth ‘.So lets start build our health through tiny habits and become wealthy.

You may watch this talk to have a deeper understanding of being healthy.

Your health is governed by your Environment | Prof. BM Hegde |



1.The Obesity Code – Dr Jason Fung.

Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist. He’s a world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low carb, especially for treating people with type 2 diabetes

2.Ayurveda – The Science of self healing – Vasant Lad

3.The Perfect Health Diet -Dr Paul Jaminet

4.You can be healthy – Dr B.M Hegde.

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