What are some KEYSTONE HABITS ?

The KEYSTONE HABITS are the catalytic habits that trigger some other habits automatically. They have such a potential that once you bring them into your daily lifestyle, they can automatically bring other habits into your life & create a holistic impact on your lifestyle.
They are like the first habits which can invite other habits into your lifestyle.Can you guess what are some of the keystone habits with which we work at the habit centre for the betterment of the 4 wheels of your health.

1. Early dinner
2. Gadget fasting
3. Breath Observation
4. Physical exercise
5. Waking up early
6. Book reading
7. Journalling
8. Travelling

As per my experience it takes anywhere between few months to years to build some of these keystone habits.These habits impacting each other & works in a synergistic way.

1.The Power of habit – Charles Duhigg
2.Ayurveda- The science of self healing – Dr Vasant Lad
3.5 AM club – Robin Sharma

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