How can we apply 80/20 Pareto’s principle for healthy life ?

Pareto’s principle is called the 80/20 rule.In simplified terms it says 80 % of our results come by focussing on 20 % of our actions . It can be applied to health , relationships & even the traffic on the roads. If you want to pass your exam identify those 20 – 30 % of high yielding topics & just read them to pass your exams.So lets simplify things through this video :

As you understood whats it about lets see , How can we use it in our daily life ?

First , we need to know those 3 – 4 aspects of health like When we eat ? , How long we eat our meal ? & others which hugely impacts our health. Once we identified those few things then we integrate them into our lifestyle by building simple habits.

Even we spend physically 80 % of our time with very few people .Do we really spend quality time with those people ?.The 80 / 20 priciple can be applied by identifying those few people in our life & giving quality time into those relationships.It really works like a magic when we start doing this.

Even when it comes to habit building theres are very few habits like reading , waking up early , travelling to new places once a year which hugely impact all areas of life.These few habits are called KEYSTONE HABITS , which trigger many other habits in other aspects of life.What do you think are your keystone habits ? as they change for everyone.

Lets learn something about those few KEYSTONE HABITS.

Lets learn about Keystone habits on Health , Relationships & finances in coming posts.

Thanks for reading.

Let me know what are your KEYSTONE HABITS to improve your health , relationships & finances ?

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