What is the Golden circle Concept & How can we apply it in our health & relationships?

The Golden Circle is an innovative concept presented by Simon Sinek in his TED Talk “Start with Why”. It’s super inspiring and challenges the status quo at its core for identifying your purpose for what you want to do in business and life… There are three parts of The Golden Circle: “What”, “How”, and “Why”.

Did you ever spend some time with kids?

What is the most common question they ask? It’s “Why?”

What is the most common question most adults ask? It’s “What?”

Do you agree? If not, pay enough attention next time. Mother nature has designed our brains to ask “Why?” which made us evolve. There is an old saying :

 ‘Once you know your “Why”, You can survive almost any “How”, and the “What” becomes irrelevant.’

The three layers of behaviour change work on

1. What – Changing the outcomes.
2. How – Changing the processes.
3. Why – Changing the identities.

How does this work?

Most of us know “what” we are doing when it comes to health, relationships and finances.

How many of us know “How” to do it as the experts do? i.e. How to read faster, How to be healthier, How to lose weight? How to keep relationships well?

When we are clear with the “Why”? Maybe we can start working with “How”?

What do you say?

This blog is our journey to know “How” to keep ourselves healthy? How to save money? How to lose? As we are mostly told “What” to do rather than How to do?

How to have a good relationship with parents, partners and friends. Sometimes asking  Why may be a bit difficult, so when we start working on How slowly we start getting to know our own Why?

Most of these questions are very personal and subjective, so no one can give solutions other than ourselves.


1. Start with Why? — Simon Sinek
2. Atomic Habits — James Clear

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