The Core purpose of our blog is to have a gentle discussion on

‘ How can we live better ? ‘

After experimenting with a lot of ideas like Intermittent Fasting, growing own food on-farm, learning Earthen Architecture, Volunteering at a farm school in Tamilnadu for a month, spending time with children for a month in a small village in a NorthEastern state, travelling across Uttarakhand for a month visiting few schools & meeting locals, operating a backpacker hostel & meeting 100 ‘s of backpackers from across the world I have understood few things which I could not in medical college. I understood when we could see things INSIDE OUT; then we get to know the true essence of it. After trained in Western medicine as a doctor, I could not see it from OUTSIDE till I took some time to explore all the above things. Now I understood we are taught about the myopic view of health rather than the longterm perspective of what is to be healthy?

I started learning about health by self-experimentation, by reading books written by Western doctors, Ayurvedic doctors & Professional Yoga trainers. I also met people who are trained in Yoga, Ayurveda & other alternative medicines from different parts of the world. Finally, when I listened to our grandparents, especially from the Southern States of Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh, something clicked about a healthy lifestyle. I understood health is a bunch of little habits that we do daily, whether it comes to health, relationships & finances.

It’s not magic, as our parents & grandparents had a lot of time compared to us, so they could reflect & see where exactly is the problem arising & also found ways to deal with them.

Here we learn about :

How to build day to day habits for holistic health, relationships and financial management in a sustainable way. This is an age of information where we get more information every day than which your parents got in their lifetime. So we need to be very specific or else you might get lost in the information tsunami.

I try to connect you to the experts in the particular field, so you don’t get lost in the tsunami of information, which happened to me during the journey.

We will try to keep the content as simple as possible.

Here we learn on How to make & break our Habits in a scientific way.

In simple terms we LEARN HOW TO LEARN?

The WHAT part is given much importance before internet age.

Now its the time to learn the HOW?

Is it the HOW ? or the WHAT?

Which one is more important?

As we believe Life is all about habits.

Being healthy is a habit,

Being rich is a habit,

Being poor is a habit,

Being happy is also a habit.

Dont you believe it?

Why don’t you read few posts?

We use the TIME TESTED principles from the past few decades from the PARETOS PRINCIPLES, POMEDOROS TECHNIQUE to the latest HABIT LOOP [ATOMIC HABITS].


Everything is a HABIT and life gets EASIER with right habits.

Here we learn on How to make & break our Habits in a scientific way.

In simple terms we LEARN HOW TO LEARN?

The WHAT part is given much importance before internet age.

Now its the time to learn the HOW? part of WHAT? you have decided.

What do you say?

About Author:

I am Dr Amar Meda. Though I am a qualified medical doctor with a degree in western medicine, I felt Western Medicine is more about the DISEASE rather than the HEALTH.

So for every 1 patient, a doctor treats 5 patients are waiting outside & some more going to get sick. So we thought we could give the right information to the people waiting outside, so the doctor can give some quality time.

It’s just by changing some HABITS we can deal with OBESITY, DIABETES and HYPERTENSION, which are LIFESTYLE DISORDERS. I have read, experimented & found out the importance of TIME TESTED PRINCIPLES.

So disease is a HABIT & health is also a HABIT

From the past 3 years, I have been digging deep into HABIT BUILDING & also into AYURVEDA, EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY, YOGA, HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY, AGE-OLD INDIAN TRADITIONS. This blog is the outcome of all the PRACTICAL, SIMPLIFIED lessons learned along the journey.

Thank you for your patience.